Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belly huggers

Ok, so I had to come up with a different name for my homemade "belly bands", and I think a belly hugger is a good name.

I should have worn a different tee for the photo because it doesnt look like I have a waist! And I look MUCH bigger than I really am....

Ive made 3 so far from some stretchy fabric that was given to me. Since Im not a fabric buff, I have no clue what the type is (possibly knit?), but it worked for what I needed it to!! And it was FREE. Cant beat that! And I love that I can sit down in my jeans and breathe and not feel the pinch of the top of my jeans, and you cant tell theyre unbuttoned.

Heres how I did it:

I measured around my belly, then subtracted about 2-3 inches, so it fits snugly after the material does its thing and stretches, and I measured from the top of my belly to my hips and added about 5 inches for growth and hemming. Then I laid the material out and cut a strip, then cut in half through the middle length wise. I made sure the stretchiest part went up and down so it stretches as I grow out forward. I dont PLAN to grow out the sides!

The other ones I made, I doubled the length so I had a thicker double hugger, which resulted in a tighter band. With those I folded each piece over in half and hemmed, then turned inside out so the hem was inside, put the sides together and sewed then flipped it out again so the sides were inside. Smooth and seamless on the outside. But heres the single layered first one:

Both pieces hemmed and ready to be sewn together.

The pieces joined together. Flip out and then you have.......

A nice tube. Try it on, and if its too big, trim the sides down and re-sew together.

And theres your belly hugger that was free to me, but would probably cost around $5 for 3. Any stretchy material you have would work, even an old t-shirt hubby no longer wears or is too stained to do anything in but change the oil on your car.

Im sorry it took so long to post anything, I was having computer problems, photo problems and then blogger was down, in between not feeling well it just didnt happen.

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