Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something for the home

When we got our house, there were these 2 doors someone, sometime had bought at Im assuming an estate sale, sitting in our basement. Both old. Very old, and not fitting any of the doorways in this old house. Theyve also got AT LEAST 4 coats of paint chipping and peeling. We had absolutely no need for them, but I kept them anyway since Im incredibly fond of old things. Theyve sat in the basement collecting dust for almost 4 years now. Until Sunday.

I came across an idea awhile back before my cyber break and decided to put my husband to work. (Arent I a wonderful wife?) While I didnt bookmark or save an image of the general idea, I did have it in my head and explained to my super awesome husband what I wanted. He said no.

Im kidding! He took a door similar to this: (sorry, not the original door, forgot a "before" pic)

 And with the help of my brother, turned it into this:
Yes, we still have our Christmas lights up. We like sparkle all year  'round.

 Ive been scraping some of the paint off, and will have to wait for hubby to get back home from a work trip to sand it and apply paint. Of course, I still have to decide what COLOR to paint it! I cant decide between a creamy white or a black, both of which occur in our home on furniture. But Ive also been contemplating green or yellow or blue too...decisions, decisions. Plus, I dont know if I want to leave the knob and put the hinges back on or not....the knob is not very vintagey.

Basically, all he did was cut the door in half and screwed it all together. He then cut some wood from old cabinet doors for the shelves and fit them in and anchored with more screws.

I cant wait to finish it and bring it inside!! Ive already started working on a candle holder for one of the shelves last night, and once thats done Ill post with a tutorial. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. Very nice. I think I need one too! Can you come up with a vintage knob that you like better?

  2. Im thinking Im going to steal the one remaining vintage one from inside the house! But I have to convince hubby its a good idea, lol.

  3. I wish I'd seen this post with your fantastic door idea before I took an old door to the tip a few weeks ago. Such a clever idea.


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