Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial day: delayed tickle me tuesday

Its tickle me tuesday again, its just about memorial day, and I have done nothing to prepare for it! Usually by now I have several patriotic things out around the house...I need to get crackin'. I thought I would share a few few patriotic things Ive found, in addition to last years post, found here. I love everything red, white and blue, so these ideas really tickle me!

Crackers are my favorite favor, ever. I like to put them in baskets or buckets so guests can just grab one, but theyre fun for place settings too. For a patriotic flair, check out oriental trading companies patriotic line of trinkets and such, they have mini versions of yo-yos, flags, balls...perfect size for a cracker.

Pretzel sticks are incredibly popular right ow, ad I love the red, white, and blue sprinkles. I also love the cans and red blow pops for extra flavor.

Isnt it pretty? You can fly America's colors by using spray paint and glass paint for the panels.

Cute set up, but I really wanted to share the tray. It is awesome! Inexpensive, and super easy to do. Ive see trays like this in all sorts of stores, for pretty small change. Some paint and tape would be all you would need. Even painting virgins could do it! You could even hang it on the wall using twine glued to the back.

Thats just pretty.

Patriotic cake pops in a stand of bubble gum and red candy. So fun!

Im definitely loving the bucket with the utensils as a place setting, as well as the candy in the bags. Definitely something I want to try and incorporate into the 4th this year.

Just cute, am I right?
be sure to check my other post for memorial day awesomeness, and have fun!