Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting ready for company

On Wednesday Im having a few friends and family members over for a candle party, with Partylite. I really enjoy their candles and products, and having a small party is a great way to get free stuff, or at least almost free! The products are high quality, so I much prefer them over getting some generic candle. The scent stays for the ENTIRE burn of the candle, and there is never any residue when theyve melted down or awful smell when putting them out.

Anyhow, its not really a PARTY per say, more a small gathering, with appetizers and drinks. Even though its not a big deal, I still like to get my house in tip-top shape, because every little thing matters when youre having people over. I have a few things that need doing, little extras that Ive put off because they require a little extra time and effort. Things like the doors in the family room need to be painted, a strip of chair rail that got missed somehow needs to be painted.....just dumb things that Ive avoided doing.

Then there are the bigger things that I personally feel are important when having company over. Cleaning the couches is a big thing, I have white floral couches that need frequent cleaning. Cleaning the chandelier is another thing. I think its the big things people notice most, so Im concentrating on those today.

So, I thought I would share my cleaning list for the next few days. Maybe give some of you an extra idea or two when youre having your own company over.

Today, Monday I am:
cleaning the couches
painting the forgotten doors and chair rails
vacuuming under and inside the couches
spot treating the carpets

dusting the chandelier and bulbs of all lamps
washing the walls, doors and baseboards
wiping the cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen down
washing the shower curtain
pick up cups and napkins
preparing the appetizers

regular cleaning of just the kitchen, family, living and dining rooms, as well as the bathroom
washing the windows and mirrors
sweep front walkway and porch
final little touches like filling vases with flowers, changing out the hand towels, creating the buffet, filling the candy dishes
baking the appetizers

I have these really great summery dishes to serve the appetizers in, since its a "Spring Into Summer" party. I plan on making mini quiches and strawberry lemonade bars for a sweet, with lemonade and water.

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