Monday, August 9, 2010

Beyond PB&J

Just two more days until the first day of school!! I cant wait, and neither can my girls. Theyre already antsy, and talking about what theyre going to wear the first, second and third and fourth days! Crazy kids...

With back to school coming, thoughts of lunches swirl through my head. Its always a challenge to feed them creatively and healthily, and still get them to eat what Ive packed in their lunch boxes. Not to mention, most days half their lunch comes back home! There just is not enough time for them to enjoy a lunch because, lets face it, who wants to eat for half an hour when they could be playing instead? Food is scarcely eaten, and what is eaten is scarfed down faster than you can say "pb&j"! Forget the grapes or carrot sticks, their going to eat the sweet and salty stuff before they even notice the good for you stuff. And the school lunches that are served just make me cringe! So whats a mom to do?

Make it short and sweet. A little bit goes a long way, especially when youre trying to give them nutrition along with quickness. Pack a little of everything- a little main event, a little fruit, a little veggie, and a little treat. If youve got a crust free sandwich eater, cut the sandwich into shapes that interests your child, so they arent wasting half the sandwich pulling the crust off and its interesting enough that they will WANT to eat it. Give them a little variety too; include colors that appeal and shapes that tantalize.

Here are some great lunch box ideas to get you started!

Sandwich Art
Sandwich Art

Lady Bugs on a Stick

PB & J Blossom Sandwiches
PB&J Blossoms
Snail Snack Sandwich

Abc Noodle Soup

I love the idea of reusable ANYTHING and these are perfect for kids lunches:

Reusable Sandwich and lunch bags, from Graze Organic
 Ive been kicking around the idea of making some reusable sandwich bags for awhile now, and these are incredibly inspirational.

Speaking of back to school, my count down was a hit! The girls loved getting their little treats out of the tubes, which were tied with red string. The last two days have nothing inside, because they dont fit, but its actually got them guessing. Seems like every couple hours theyre asking what it is. Heres my own (simple) version of the family fun toilet paper roll Back To School countdown:

Stay tuned for my banana "syrup" and pictures from Back to School!

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