Monday, August 2, 2010


It has been awhile since I last posted!! Summer has definitely kept me busy....Well, I guess not summer itself, but the children I had to occupy! And boy, have I occupied them. We have visited two (yes, TWO!!) amusement parks; both Disneyland and Legoland, went swimming I dont know how many times, had craft days and movie days, sleepovers and library visits, lake days and did back to school shopping several different times.  Weve played the wii, we've had root-beer floats and trips to the Dairy Queen. We have one whole week left before its back to school, and I plan on filling it with even more fun! Ive got a trip to the Natural History Museum planned and a tour around the Botanical Gardens. And then in two weeks, our annual camping trip in the beautiful Sierra Mountains! The girls cant wait, and neither can the husband and I! Its so beautiful and peaceful up there, and the fishing is great!

I also completed Alanna's bedroom! It looks fabulous, if I do say so myself! I went a little crazy but she is completely ecstatic over the results. She has since added her own flourishes, like a pillow she made herself at her aunts and various stuffed animals and toys. And, she has made ENORMOUS use of the seat I refashioned from my old chest. She stuffed it full of things. And I gotta say, Im really proud of how well she has maintained her room. She has even started doing her own laundry!!! My baby girl is growing up! Here are some really horrible pictures I have yet to update....

her little reading corner
her pillow she made herself! and my own handy work on the walls ( there is now a third horizontal matte with the first, for a set of 3)
her desk, shelf and nightstand
her dresser is painted with chalboard paint, and recently sports ribbon drawer pools in hot pink and silver
every girl needs a monogram!!
this lamp replaces the little pink one she had
the sheer fabric is silver sequins. nice and shimmery!

I had really planned on posting more often, I wanted to do Christmas in July, and share some fun things to do over the summer, but I just couldn't find enough time (or energy!) to do a decent post.

But, Im committing myself to posting as much as possible before my vacation starts. Ive got a lot planned, and have been planning my holiday crafting already. Look for some back to school ideas over the next couple of days! I cant wait to get started!!

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