Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I didnt get as many postings up yesterday as I had hoped. I had a bunch of running around to do that took up too much of my time!!! Ill do a quick post right now of a very simple thing: a vanity seat, chair, and storage box all rolled into one. My daughter has a chair-a big black leather chair that is so comfy you never want to get up-but she needed something to use at her desk/vanity, and also another seat for when she has friends over. And I wanted her to have something she could use to store her toys too (she is still a kid after all!!), but space is limited.

Well, I thought a chest would be a nice thing, but have you seen the prices for some?? Then I thought my husband could make her something. But his time is limited, and the cost was still more than I wanted to dole out. THEN I remembered we have these little cubes from our childhood. Somehow my husband and I both wound up with these little wooden storage cubes with lids when we were kids. Go figure. Weve had them in the basement, using them to store things we (meaning he) were too lazy to get rid of. And whaddya know, they are the perfect size!!! Well, one is anyway. Its an exact fit for under the desk and doesnt take up too much space in the room when its out. PERFECT!!!

So, I got an old square throw pillow, some batting, a staple gun and some material, and turned a cutesy cube with papered kitties into a multi-functional piece of furniture, for less than ten bucks.

Here it is!

The material is velvet, which is the same as the curtain panels will be. I had originally added some tulle around the seats edge in her rooms colors, but she likes it better plain, so I removed it. The whole seat lifts off for storing her stuff. And were on our way to finishing the room!!!
Keep an eye out for my next post, because I think everyone will like what I did alot!!!

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