Thursday, May 20, 2010


Summer is well on its way here, with its warm breezes and hot sunshine, fresh squeezed lemonade and oh so good bbq, swimming pools and Popsicles. Dont forget naps in the hammock..... Its seems like it took a long time for the temps to warm up around here and for the sun to shine. It was cold and rained a lot, here and it seems all over the place, seems as if spring is really just starting.  Hard to believe summer is only a month away!

Some of my favorite childhood activities during the summer months involved being outside- roller skating, pitching a tent in the yard, swimming or running through the sprinklers....Now Ive got my own children laughing and enjoying the same things I did, with the glee and spunk and enjoyment only children seem to have. And as a parent I get to relive summer in a whole different way.

Days are long in the summer, extending the fun well past bedtime. The warm nights are an extension of the day. Eating roasted marshmallows beside a campfire during camping trips, watching the stars twinkle, going to the drive in in the middle of the week, having ice cream and pie on the porch....I could list a hundred different things to do in the summer, and maybe I will in another post, but for now I hope to leave you all anticipating summer like a kid again. I know I am!

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