Monday, April 25, 2011

Im back

I took a break from the cyber world for awhile, and felt like I had left friends behind! I stopped reading blogs and searching for new things to do, and I stopped blogging. But Im back, and hopefully I will be a better blogger from here on out. I hope to make several posts at first to make up for lost time, but first, some super exciting news!!

We will soon be adding A NEW BABY TO OUR FAMILY!!!

As of right now, we dont know if were having pink (for the 4th time!) or blue (we hope!). This little joy has been shy for a few ultrasounds and wishes to remain a secret. I have a feeling its going to be a little first I was absolutely certain the baby was a boy (I had dreams, felt different), but one day, I woke up with the certainty that we're going to have another girl. I really am ok with either and only wish for a healthy baby and continue to have a healthy pregnancy, but I would LOVE to be the mommy of a little boy.

I am currently 21 weeks, and its been pretty smooth sailing for the most part. I had some incredible exhaustion and some mild morning sickness, but aside from some difficulty sleeping and minor discomforts, its been an easy thrill ride. I do have a strange aversion to poultry and pork, and certain things dont taste as good as they used to. Beef seems to be my meat of choice, followed by shrimp, and fruit is a big craving, particularly strawberries, oranges and bananas.

Look for strawberry recipes to pop up here and there, and maybe a couple of beef dishes (here Im having difficulty since we mostly eat chicken!).

And of course, lots of baby posts!!

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