Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tickle me tuesdays!

I have decided that each Tuesday Im going to share things that tickle me in one way or another. It could be a poem, a craft, a movie or book, or a recipe, anything that brings a smile to my face and puts joy in my heart. So, tickle me tuesdays is conceived by my desire to bring a smile to your face too.

With 3 kids going to be in school this fall and a new baby on the way, quick and easy sewing patterns and projects have inspired me to create several things for them all to save a bit of money, and nothing says quick and easy like this pleated skirt tutorial from sew, mama, sew!
Isnt it darling? And once you read the tute you will see what I mean by easy! 

I am totally loving these fabrics for it, from joanns.
I LOVE the colors. So bright and yet would carry perfectly into fall!

I love this one because its corduroy!
I plan on buying plain tees and tanks and adding embellishments, such as these:

Fabric rosettes from Little Birdie Secrets
Floral love tee from Maybe Matilda
And another from Maybe Matilda-lace embellished tee
My oldest is hitting middle school this year (YIKES!!) and I want to make the transition easy and fun for her, so I have made a list of things I want to make for her, with these topping the list in coordinating fabrics and colors. I figure a few will make it fun to carry her stuff to school in!:

A new pencil case similar to this. Ive made my girls several of these already, but weve got to have matching bags, right?!

These are just a few of my favorite handmades right now.

I hope I tickled you!

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